Malvern Hills Lodge No. 6896

Consecrated 10th December 1949


Welcome to the web pages of the Malvern Hills Lodge.

The purpose of this web site is to promote Freemasonry in general and our Lodge in particular by means of the world wide web.

Our Lodge was Consecrated on the 10th December 1949 by Worshipful Brother Ben Marsh, JP, Past Grand Deacon, Deputy Provincial Grand Master in Charge.

Lodge Banner


The main panel of our banner depicts the Malvern Hills with a view towards the town from somewhere near to Ivy Scar Rock. With the many springs on the hills it is highly possible to find a flow of water near to an ear of corn, signifying abundance and the ‘All seeing eye” observes throughout. The main panel is surmounted by the Lodge name and sub-mounted by the Lodge number, with dark blue quarters. Beneath the Lodge number is a triangular dark blue panel containing a square and compass in gold. There is a gold frieze to the bottom of the banner.

Lodge Banner


Upright Men,
of Mature Age,
Sound Judgement
and Strict Morals

Secretary:         07962 230885




Web Site Information

The content of the web site was approved by the Lodge Committee on 18th February 2009.
It was submitted to Provincial Grand Lodge and to United Grand Lodge for their respective approvals, which was received on 16th June 2009.

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